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Writing Workshop: Never Mind Your Voice… Find THEIRS!

Writing Workshop: Never Mind Your Voice… Find THEIRS!


Most authors have an instinctive understanding of “where they are” in the story. It’s deeply felt, they can see the movie already in their mind. Great! But does the reader see what you’re pointing to? The various choices of character Point of View (3rd, 2nd and 1st person) are crucial to the impact your story will have. Does it vary by genre? By gender? How can we analyze which voice-choice is best for our tale? Using examples from his own work, discussion, and free-write time, Will helps you to see the power of choosing the right voice. Which decisions have you already made?


Born in the Vermont winter to a family of five sisters, Will Hahn has faced deadly challenges from an early age. So far he has proved victorious, though it was a near thing on several occasions in high school when his exuberance for heroism far outpaced his physical agility and common sense.

In fact, if you see Will’s common sense running around loose at any time soon, please point that out to him. They haven’t spoken in years and it would be good to catch up. Will began to chronicle the Lands of Hope, a heroic fantasy setting with a lifetime of adventure in it, in 2008. He has written four novels and a set of novellas about the current Age of Adventure in the Lands, as well as shorter works exploring some of its earlier eras going back hundreds of years into its history. Will periodically holds forth on his website about the Lands of Hope, and has recorded some of his author talks for posterity.

Will has a Master’s Degree in Medieval History and currently works primarily from his home in Newark; he teaches courses in History and Writing, narrates audiobooks of his own and other authors’ tales, and sometimes searches for a non-cat-occupied chair so he can think about the next tale he could tell, and to whom.

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Saturday, May 21, 2022
11:00am - 12:30pm Eastern Time
Community Room (Large), Community Room (Small)
Hockessin Public Library
  Jobs, Careers, and Entrepreneurship     Literacy and Language  

Registration is required. There are 19 in-person seats available. There are 20 online seats available.