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Delaware’s Forests: Past, Present, and Future - Longwood Community Read

Delaware’s Forests: Past, Present, and Future - Longwood Community Read

Would you believe close to one third of Delaware’s land mass is currently forested? Did you know it was 98% forested prior to European colonization? Forests are an essential part of Delaware’s green infrastructure. The countless natural benefits forest provide should never be underestimated, especially those related to clean air and clean water. The health of our environment in many cases is a reflection of the health of our forests. What remains today deserves protection and conservation whenever possible. Join Ashley Melvin, Education Specialist with the Delaware Forest Service for an overview of Delaware’s forests. We will discuss the benefits and services provided by Delaware’s forests and the key role they have played in our state’s history. Learn about the conditions and trends affecting Delaware’s forests and the issues, threats and opportunities they are facing. Most importantly, find out ways you can help ensure we have forests today and tomorrow.

Ashley Melvin, from Delaware's Forest Service, presents.

In person event.

Friday, May 27, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time
Community Room (Large), Community Room (Small)
Hockessin Public Library
  All Ages  
  Social Services  

Registration is required. There are 48 seats available.