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Black Loyalist Black Patriots and the Revolutionary War

Black Loyalist Black Patriots and the Revolutionary War

The stories of slaves who fought for their freedom from slavery and those who fought for the freedom of the nation are inspiring and informative. This presentation recounts over twenty African-Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War, and what their experiences were based on their decisions.  This unique view of the Revolutionary War will be informative and inspiring to all who attend.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
6:00pm - 7:00pm
P.S. DuPont Meeting Room
Wilmington Public Library
  History and Genealogy  
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In 1776 most African-Americans were in slavery and not aware of the of the unrest that was going on between Britain and one of its major colonies. Whether the Untied States became an independent nation or remain a part of the British Empire was of little concern. The major concern for most African-Americans was whether they would be set free from slavery or whether they would remain slaves. The decision was not an easy decision and there were freed slaves who chose to fight for the Crown and some who chose to fight for an independent nation.