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Medicare Fraud, Errors, and Abuse.  Oh My!

Medicare Fraud, Errors, and Abuse. Oh My!

Through interactive discussion, participants will gain insight into the Medicare fraud and abuse scams that occur daily and who the culprits really might be. The presenter will give several examples of the types of scams that occur. As a result of these scams, the Medicare Trust fund loses billions of dollars each year. Participants will be given helpful tools to protect, detect and report suspected Medicare fraud. The goal of this presentation is to arm Medicare beneficiaries, families, and caregivers with the tools they will need to help put a dent in the billions of dollars lost each year from the Medicare Trust Fund. The presentation will include take home information, a short survey, and a few giveaways, as well.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
2:00pm - 2:45pm Eastern Time
Meeting Room A & B (Combined)
South Coastal Public Library
  Adults     Older Adults  
  Health and Wellness  
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